Inside the secretive $500bn investment firm that helped the Kushners at 666 Fifth Avenue

Brookfield is a name that towers over the global investment industry. Yet what exactly it is, and how it operates, is maddeningly difficult to ascertain.

The generational feud that rocked Leon Black's Wall Street firm

Apollo co-founder Marc Rowan and his protégé Imran Siddiqui invented one of the slickest money-making machines in financial history. Then they fell out.

Tom Barrack, fixer supreme, has a finger in the Washington swamp

He's friends with Hollywood stars and Middle Eastern royals. He's in the US capital, looking to do favors. And he believes in karma.

One house tells the story of America's brutal economic recovery

418 Homeplace Drive was one family's dream. It is also a microcosm of the recklessness behind the financial crisis, and the fragile stability that followed.

A suspect in the US college bribery scandal had a plan to save capitalism

Bill McGlashan had tried his hand at everything: dotcom startups; air traffic control; cholesterol pills. Then, sitting on Richard Branson’s Caribbean island, he became a socially conscious visionary.

The man who has to handle Elon Musk

When Tesla's founder considered taking the carmaker private, its lead independent director was an investor who has made millions of dollars from a decades-long association with the volatile billionaire.

How the biggest private equity firms became the new banks

Blackstone, Apollo and KKR run more money in their lending arms than in their buyout funds, becoming principal bankers to a large tract of corporate America.

Peter Williams of Jack Wills on the joy he gets from ploughing

The founder of the clothing label taught me how to drive a tractor in a straight line – and explained how brands create obsessions.

Kwame Anthony Appiah, the thinker who called race a fiction

He has made a career studying social labels like poshness and gayness, and he wants you to know that most of what they signify is pure baloney.

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